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My Responsibilities are:

  • Be present & prepared for every session
  • Provide you with the necessary tools, techniques, concepts through exercises, & various holistic modalities
  • Hold you accountable for assignments, tasks and all “homework” given
  • Maintain healthy boundaries
  • Respect your Models of the World (perceptions), Values, Beliefs, & Definitions

Clients responsibilities are:

  • Be on time, present, prepared & ready to work every session
  • Go “ All In” working your program Committing 100% to the process
  • Have the required resources to invest in both yourself & in your coaching program (financially)
  • Respect the work you do completing all exercises, tasks,assignments given on time
  • Honor your agreed upon set appointment day & time ( Please review Coaching policies & Guidelines in manual)

Depending on the details of your Coaching Program the following is true for all:

  • Coaching Programs are all inclusive meaning the total cost of the program includes all you will need to achieve your end goal & succeed (no extra fees)
  • All coaching sessions are;
  1. One hour in length
  2. Conducted via telephone, or Skype
  3. All sessions are recorded for playback either online or Cd given each week following session
  4. A Follow-up  email will be sent within 24-48 hours after each session
  5. For questions, clarifications all communication will be via email or phone message a reply will be within 24 hours ( it is agreed these will not be abused but limited for the listed reasons above only

Text messaging is NOT an acceptable form of communication


It is agreed that both Coach & Client maintain Authenticity, Transparency, Integrity, Truth and overall atmosphere of mutual trust.

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See what others say about Kimberle…

Kimberle’s methods and techniques have had a tremendous impact on my health & well being! She is truly gifted and I am blessed to have found her! I noticed results after my first Reiki treatment & continue to see results. She has helped both my health issues & emotionally trapped energy to create a better self to function at my highest potential. I highly recommend trying her services!
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