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My Responsibilities are:

  • Be present & prepared for every session
  • Provide you with the necessary tools, techniques, concepts through exercises, & various holistic modalities
  • Hold you accountable for assignments, tasks and all “homework” given
  • Maintain healthy boundaries
  • Respect your Models of the World (perceptions), Values, Beliefs, & Definitions

Clients responsibilities are:

  • Be on time, present, prepared & ready to work every session
  • Go “ All In” working your program Committing 100% to the process
  • Have the required resources to invest in both yourself & in your coaching program (financially)
  • Respect the work you do completing all exercises, tasks,assignments given on time
  • Honor your agreed upon set appointment day & time ( Please review Coaching policies & Guidelines in manual)

Depending on the details of your Coaching Program the following is true for all:

  • Coaching Programs are all inclusive meaning the total cost of the program includes all you will need to achieve your end goal & succeed (no extra fees)
  • All coaching sessions are;
  1. One hour in length
  2. Conducted via telephone, or Skype
  3. All sessions are recorded for playback either online or Cd given each week following session
  4. A Follow-up  email will be sent within 24-48 hours after each session
  5. For questions, clarifications all communication will be via email or phone message a reply will be within 24 hours ( it is agreed these will not be abused but limited for the listed reasons above only

Text messaging is NOT an acceptable form of communication


It is agreed that both Coach & Client maintain Authenticity, Transparency, Integrity, Truth and overall atmosphere of mutual trust.

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See what others say about Kimberle…

Kimberle is one of the most centered people I know. She has a sensitivity and deep caring for her clients. I am thrilled every time I have the opportunity to work with her. I always come away feeling that all is well. 

Her suggestions for life improvement are very doable tasks, and she provides some marvelous and helpful support materials to assist with any homework. 

Her style is direct, yet gentle and loving at the same time. You will know without a doubt that she has your absolute…
Stephanie LeeProfessional Massage Therapist/Exercise Educator
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