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What can Trauma do to the four body systems?

  • Mental Body System; when balanced can manifest,
  • effective goals and actions
  • Peaceful thoughts of self and others

When the mental body system is out of balance can manifest:

  • Negative racing thoughts
  • Poor self-image

Emotional body system when balanced can manifest:

  • Fulfilling, healthy relationships
  • Optimum immune system function

Emotional body can manifest when out of balance:

  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Trigger responses

Physical body system when out of balance can manifest as:

  • Weight gain
  • Instability  financially; all types of chronic disease

Physical body when in balance can manifest as:

  • Strong healthy body
  • Outer success

Spiritual Body system when out of balance can manifest as:

  • Limiting beliefs affect this area causing disconnect
  • Not knowing one’s purpose in life

Spiritual body when in balance can manifest as:

  • Inner peace
  • Understanding of both self and purpose

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