30-second pitch: What I Do

“Kimberle is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, specializing in Trauma Recovery. Having overcome life-altering trauma experiences of childhood sexual abuse, suicide, and chronic disease, she personally overcame major issues, which gave her a desire to become trained and certified to help others.

“I guide women to resolve and overcome past trauma experiences and show them the process in attaining balance which meets their goals for themselves and the life they desire.”

Kimberle’s own life gives her a unique perspective, and understanding with her clients, her own recovery stands as living proof of her ability and that complete balance, healing and recovery is not only possible but achievable no matter the trauma experience.

How Can I help you to get to Where You Want to Be?

When working with clients you are guided through a step by step process where:

  1. You get clear on exactly what it is you really want to achieve;
  2. Define Beliefs, Beliefs, and belief system including your models of the world (Perceptions), Values
  3. With this clarity we bring Intentionality in;
  4. 1. Redefine definitions
  5. Reassess beliefs and belief systems
  6. Put Values in order of importance
  7. Reframe models of the world to align with your end goal

Take Effective Action (Leading to the achievement of your End goal;

  1. Process & release negative emotions, beliefs & perceptions
  2. Define new action steps that can be taken based on the “ new” beliefs, definitions, values, models of the world
  3. Examine current patterns and habits are they aligned with end goal
  4. Adjust, Reframe as needed

This process creates balance in all of the four-body systems resulting in a firm foundation of harmony & wellness

See what others say about Kimberle…

Kimberle’s methods and techniques have had a tremendous impact on my health & well being! She is truly gifted and I am blessed to have found her! I noticed results after my first Reiki treatment & continue to see results. She has helped both my health issues & emotionally trapped energy to create a better self to function at my highest potential. I highly recommend trying her services!
Misty LecompteGoogle Recruiter
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