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I remember the moment I knew everything was about to change. It was 1996 and as I sat on an airplane that would take me home to San Diego California from what I perceived as living my purpose in New York City. I had decided to leave my dream. The dream of becoming an actor, I had been relentlessly pursuing that dream on the Broadway stage until I began to feel strange physical symptoms that set off that voice inside of me signaling, “Something was wrong and I had to get home.”

So I made the hardest decision of my young life, I left for home. Filled with feelings of confusion, fear of something unknown, failure, and disgust that I was not as strong or dedicated as I thought. Little did I know I was about to discover just how strong I actually was.

As I heard the pilot announce our descent into Lindbergh Field, I experienced my first panic attack, fueled by shame, and failure at returning home not as the successful person I imagined, but as a frightened, and embarrassed girl of twenty-six who saw herself as a total failure.

Several weeks went by until I woke up and found myself paralyzed on my left side and blind in both eyes. Yes, something was very wrong indeed.

July 1996 sitting in the neurologist’s office awaiting him to reveal the outcome of tests I had endured the weeks prior and still without my eyesight I silently prayed for the best but knew it would not be good news.

Hearing the door open I heard him say, “Well you have Multiple Sclerosis and there is nothing I can do. I responded, “And they let you get away that.” The rest of what he said blocked out by my heart beating loudly in my ears.

Being one who refuses to give up I decided it was up to me to find out everything I could about MS and how to treat it. I knew one thing I was not going to spend my life blind and in a wheelchair at twenty-six years old!

Along with my mother, the two of us set out on a journey of discovery. We began with what we knew Alternative Medicine and the therapies I grew up on

Within a year, we had found a woman who would not only help me heal fully but she would become my mentor and one of my best friends. She began by doing what she does best, as one of the most respected doctors of Chinese Medicine, doctor of alternative medicine, acupuncturist and doctor of naturopathy, she shared the fundamentals of Chinese & alternative medicine I learned how our bodies work, how illness develops in a short time I was hooked.

As a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, I began to see how my abusive past all, which I had not begun to work through, was directly connected to my diagnosis of MS. Soon the desire to know more not only led to my full recovery from Multiple Sclerosis but also had created a new burning passion to become trained and certified as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach specializing in Trauma Recovery. All so, I could help others living with the effects from unresolved past trauma experiences and the rise in chronic pain and chronic disease, how many other women who were just like. I was given no clear understanding of why they had chronic pain and other invisible disease. It was and remains my passion, my purpose, my calling. I am an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach specializing in Trauma Recovery. Having overcome life-altering trauma experiences of childhood sexual abuse, suicide, and serious chronic illness, by my personal experiences in overcoming major issues, which led to the desire to become trained and certified so I may help others and show that recovery, complete healing and that you can live the life you desire is real and attainable.

Let go of your past, discover your passion, live your Truth.

Kimberle Taitano

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Phone: +619.962.1129

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Kimberle is one of the most centered people I know. She has a sensitivity and deep caring for her clients. I am thrilled every time I have the opportunity to work with her. I always come away feeling that all is well. 

Her suggestions for life improvement are very doable tasks, and she provides some marvelous and helpful support materials to assist with any homework. 

Her style is direct, yet gentle and loving at the same time. You will know without a doubt that she has your absolute…
Stephanie LeeProfessional Massage Therapist/Exercise Educator
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