You do it every year you set goals. You tell yourself this is the year I am going to reach my goals. However, your good intentions once again are not enough and another year passes without reaching the success you desired.

It leaves frustrated, disappointed, your hope diminishes a bit more. You ask yourself, “What is that keeps standing in front of getting the results I want?”

I get it because this was me year after year until I figured out the key five steps in setting goals that actually are achieved and now I am sharing them with you.

Get ready because if you do these four steps I assure you the goals you set will be achieved.

5 Steps to set goals and meet them

  1. A Focused Mindset: In order to achieve your goals, focus on one goal at a time. Trying to get everything done all at once only creates chaos and frustration. Shifting our thinking (Mindset), to one clearly focused taking it one-step at a time is how you reach success. I find brainstorming a great tool to get clear on the goals you want to achieve.
  2. Make your Goals Visible: Writing out your goals, telling a supportive friend your goal does two things, you are saying, and “This is what you can expect from me” it holds you accountable a key component in succeeding.
  3. Plan for Roadblocks: Get real with yourself by acknowledging there will be times you will hit roadblocks as you move toward your goal. Plan for these times by planning what you will do how you will work through them. These blocks are why many people give up and stray from reaching their goals. Having a plan gives you the security knowing how and what you will do to get through them.
  4. Make a Plan: Plan out a daily schedule of certain blocks of time where you will only focus and work on your goal. Turn off cell phones, no emails, or social media, shut out all distractions for that blocked out time.
  5. Take Action: Create your action plan. Write out the action steps you will take that support achieving your goal.

I assure you following five steps you will begin to not only reach your goals but also find that you have actually succeeded your ultimate result of living & being what you desire!

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Kimberle is one of the most centered people I know. She has a sensitivity and deep caring for her clients. I am thrilled every time I have the opportunity to work with her. I always come away feeling that all is well. 

Her suggestions for life improvement are very doable tasks, and she provides some marvelous and helpful support materials to assist with any homework. 

Her style is direct, yet gentle and loving at the same time. You will know without a doubt that she has your absolute…
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