What is your life purpose? Why are you here? What is it you were born to do, born to be?

This topic has been the subject of countless self-help books; numerous talk show guests have sat discussing how you can discover your life purpose. Americans spend $898 billion dollars a year on self-help books and services including those on finding your purpose.
So then, why is it so few actually find it? Why is it so elusive? First, allow me to say that all I am about to share is based on my personal life experiences.

Yes, everyone has a purpose meaning it is not necessarily HUGE or that it will change the world it more often is a minor call, after all not all of us can be Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa. Whatever it is, we are called or led to do will make an impact in some way but in the grand scheme of things each of us has a unique very personal purpose.

The one thing none of the books or gurus tell you is that your purpose is actually a tangible thing, it changes, grows, and transforms from one thing to something else, and it is closely connected to timing.

I use the example of my own journey of discovery.

From the day I was born, I knew I had something unique a talent very few are given and as young as six years old I declared I was going to be the best actor GOD ever created! Now, this was not an empty statement I was very gifted very talented in the theater arts (Still am actually). My entire life my entire existence was built on my desire my belief I was destined to change the world of theater and the world entire through my acting talent.

If anyone would have told me at fifteen years old that it was not acting but a career as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach empathies’ in Trauma Recovery that would be my life purpose well me at fifteen I most likely would have debated it to death.

That is exactly what happened. In a brief overview of several pretty extreme life altering experiences ranging from having a serious chronic disease, near death experience, a childhood of severe abuses, mental health issues and over thirty years of unsuccessful suicide attempts not only was the person I was drastically changed but my life purpose changed as well.

Throughout my journey, many valuable life lessons, self-realizations and “Aha moments have been experienced and learned some easier than others, but the ones I am sharing with you are not only most important, but it is also the secret no one tells you when it comes to your life purpose.

  1. Your purpose is not set in stone: My desire my passion for theater and acting has never left it has only become a part of me in a much quieter gentler way. I see that my creative talent is still vibrant yet it serves my life and purpose as a Coach now instead of as an artist.
  2. No Regrets: Every single life experiences the good but mostly the very intense painful ones were preparing me for my true calling. When sharing my story, I tell people I have no regrets why because all that has occurred in my life have made me the woman I am today. I would not change a thing
  3. Dreams never really die: they only change form: This concept was a struggle, but the moment I fully surrendered all of my control, all of myself over to GOD (or whatever higher power you choose), the distractions, the confusion, the anger, and disappointment left.
  4. It is not up to us: Letting go of the outcome, of the perception of “This is the way it is supposed to be” gave such peace and freedom like no other.

In conclusion:
You cannot demand, choose, or even hunt for your purpose in life. It is not your call, the best you can do is strive for what your heart tells you too, hope for the best, be open to what will come and embrace everything that is thrown at you. One day you will be thankful.

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