Helping Clients to move from where they are, to where they want to be…

Our childhood and the experiences we have shape us into the adults we will become. When these are adverse childhood experiences, our biology our future health is predetermined. Early childhood trauma experiences create a blueprint for life-altering adult illnesses such as autoimmune disease chronic pain and the vast number of chronic illnesses stemming from the central nervous system, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and a variety of mental health issues ranging from depression to the most severe illnesses.

Those living with a chronic conditions & pain are left feeling helpless, lost, often frustrated by a lack of any real explanations on why they feel the way they do.
Allow me to be your guide and partner as I help you navigate through the life-altering process of achieving your end goals but also holistic balance & wellness in the whole body. Together we succeed in moving you from where you are to where you want to be!

Integrative Wellness teaches us that everything is connected. Using the approach of “the inside out, outside in model,” the roots of imbalance are revealed. Offering a clear guide as to exactly what is behind the blocks, health issues, and what it is we need to do to clear those negative influences leading to complete balance, harmony, health, and wellness.

“ Healing & Wellness is all about timing, but there are moments when opportunity appears offering the chance to change & heal”

See what others say about Kimberle…

Kimberle is one of the most centered people I know. She has a sensitivity and deep caring for her clients. I am thrilled every time I have the opportunity to work with her. I always come away feeling that all is well. 

Her suggestions for life improvement are very doable tasks, and she provides some marvelous and helpful support materials to assist with any homework. 

Her style is direct, yet gentle and loving at the same time. You will know without a doubt that she has your absolute…
Stephanie LeeProfessional Massage Therapist/Exercise Educator
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